Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy ending department

Fledgling in tree, parents nearby - 6/20/07
Photo by Bruce Yolton

Imaginary Wednesday conversation--translated from the Hawkese tongue:

Mom, at first sight of fledgling:
Where on God's earth have you BEEN? We've been looking all over for you! You'd better have a good story or you'll get what's for from Dad!

Mom, I know you won't believe this but....etc.

Be sure you check out Bruce Yolton's urbanhawks site -- link above. He includes some fantastic observations of parent-child interaction between the 888 7th Ave. fledgling, now happily back in Central Park, and the once bereft, now gratified parent hawks.

John Blakeman sends in a most encouraging note about Little Miss Fledgling:

Not only have the NYC red-tails---all of them---once again astonished me, so have the people and institutions.
All of my concerns with the new fledgling have been propitiously resolved.
And no, the hawk's contact with humans in captivity is no longer a problem. Whatever psychological problems this might have caused are now being eliminated by the resumption of natural feeding by the adults. The hawk is now psychologically re-connecting naturally with its parents. It will pass the summer learning important life lessons just as all the other Central Park fledglings have.