Monday, June 18, 2007

Note to readers

I've been in the country for the weekend, very peaceful and quiet. Had a nice time walking in the woods with my sister. Everybody needs a breather now and then!

Now, back at my desk, I'm faced with a flood of letters, all anxious, some quite impolite and a few even abusive. Why? People think I can somehow do something about the Jr.-and-Charlotte fledgling situation.

Well, I don't know much more than you do right now. My main source of information is the Daily News, not always the most reliable way to get the entire story but that's pretty much all there is right now. [BELOW, a link to the latest story.] I AM still trying to do what I can behind the scenes to help fix this regrettable situation. I had a call from a reporter on the NY Times while I was incommunicado this weekend [no cell-phone reception--no internet connection] and so I'm hoping they'll cover the story now. Playing answering-machine-phone tag with the reporter at the moment.