Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two Fordham kids fledge- Report from Rich

One Fordham fledgling [check the pantaloons]

Another Fordham fledgling [check those spikes!]
Photos by Rich Fleisher

Update on the Fordham Hawks

As of today, Tuesday, two of the eyases have successfully fledged. Not only have they fledged but they are not at all cautious in trying out their new found skill. They could be spotted on top of several different buildings around campus that are not proximate to the nest building. Very different from last year, when the first week of fledging consisted of flying to the trees nearby Collins Hall (where the nest is located). I suspect that the third, who spent much of today whining each time one of the other Hawks flew by will be fledging very soon (Wednesday or Thursday).


Richard Fleisher
Political Science Department