Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nesting info

Two gratifying responses to yesterday's posting about nesters in Central Park:

Bathing Baltimore Oriole - photo by Beth Bergman who writes in response to my query about Baltimore Orioles:

I've been seeing orioles a lot. There's a mulberry tree west 69th street, feeding frenzy for everyone including male and female orioles, and yesterday, in the Ramble, path near woodthrush nest, oriole flew down to bathe in a puddle. There must be a nest nearby, because I've seen both male and female orioles.

From Ben Cacace about Barn Swallows

Last year I monitored two Barn Swallow nests with multiple broods. One was under the South Gate House and another was under the short building east of the North Gate House.

This year both nest sites are currently being tended to by pairs of Barn Swallows.

[Ben's website is]

And, exciting news, also from Ben -- yesterday at 9:04 pm a Black Skimmer was seen over Turtle Pond.