Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nest watch and hawk catch-up

Five baby robins on May 28, 2007
photo courtesy of
Who's nesting in Central Park right now? Among the nests located by sharp-eyed birders:

1. a Wood Thrush nest in the Ramble. (The singing at dusk is breathtaking)

2. a Red-bellied Woodpecker nest-- (Hurray, that means that at least one pair successfully kept the starlings at bay.)

Hundreds of American Robin nests almost everywhere [if not hundreds, then at least many more per acre than you'll find noted in the scientific literature.]

I'm sure there are many more species nesting--but these are the ones I've seen for myself. (Thanks to Jack Meyer and Lloyd Spitalnik, who steered me in the right direction.)

PS Pale Male & Lola catch-up:
As most of you know, Pale Male and Lola finally abandoned the nest at 927 Fifth Ave over a week ago,. Incubation began on March 10th. The eggs should have hatched around April 15th. The faithful pair sat a month and a week after that, a total incubation time of 85 or so days. Boy do they deserve a nice vacation right now!

Saw both of the pair at the Beresford perch at 7a.m. Tuesday morning and saw PM flying towards the west side of the Great Lawn around sunset yesterday. They seem to be resuming their pre-nesting routines.

PPS Saw Manhattanhenge last night, looking westward at 81st St. and Central Park West. Hope at least some of you saw the beautiful sight.