Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unisphere redtails--a letter from Queens

Hi Marie,

I have written you before as a big fan of Pale Male. I was fascinated to read on your website about the nest here in Queens on the Unisphere. I am managing editor of the Queens Chronicle and decided to do a story on it. I went out this morning with a photographer and found the nest and the male soaring in the area. A Parks Dept. supervisor came around who is very bird oriented and we had a nice chat. According to him, there have been redtail hawks at Flushing Meadows Park for five to six years. There was one nest on the tower of the NY State Pavilion tower. He believes there are several families in the park at this time. Regarding the Unisphere family, they have been there awhile---at least two years. Al, the supervisor, said the hawks like to hunt at Meadow Lake and find a ready supply of rats and pigeons. Fascinating! Please tell John Blakeman that these wonderfully adaptive hawks have taken up residence in yet another urban park in New York City. I think it's terrific!

Best regards,
Liz Rhoades