Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ghost story

Photos and story by Bob Levy, author of Club George

Photographic proof of the existence of the “Ghost Of the Central Park Shakespeare Garden” is available for the first time. It’s existence was news to me. Having never heard a rumor that the place was haunted I was doubly shocked to have stumbled on the provocative and eerie scene at just the right moment. I assure you that the photo was not concocted in Adobe Photoshop or some other software. It’s a genuine image. So what is the spectral figure lurking in the shadows?

The explanation follows.

Whose eyes were glowing beneath the Hostas? They belonged to a juvenile calico cat. Later on I caught another glimpse of this same kitty with its jet black sibling and mother. Over the past few years I have seen a total of four feral cats in the area of Central Park I most often visit. This was the first time I had evidence that they were breeding. They’re cute, of course, but not the safest neighbors for birds to have in the park environment.