Thursday, September 13, 2007

Definitely belongs in the evil-eye file

Bob Levy, the red-winged blackbird chronicler who now seems to be solidly in Cardinal Land, wonders which category best describes his photo. The headline above is my answer. What do you think?

Bob writes:

I’m not sure how to file this particular photo. Does it go in the "almost-too-cute-for-words” file or the “evil eye” file? The adult male striking this provocative pose is one I call Papa Meadow because the center of his territory is the Maintenance Meadow in Central Park. Here he seems to be giving me an uncharacteristically intense glare more suited to a raptor than a songbird. The motivation behind it is not a mystery. I confess it had everything to do with the peanut I held up for him between two fingers on my left hand while my left hand pressed the shutter button.