Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Purple Finches a'plenty

male Purple Finch

female Purple Finch
Photos by David Speiser 10/16/07

David writes:

Marie, The last few days in CP have brought an unprecedented number of Purple Finches, at least for the 10 years I've been birding the Park. Bright males as well as female types have been from the Maintenance field, to Tanner's Spring to the Wildflower Meadow. I hope more Winter Finches are on their way soon. David

PS from Marie

For non-hotshot birders:
Roger Tory Peterson gives some hints about telling a purple finch from the much more common house finch.

1. The purple finch is like a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice. The male house finch is much brighter red.

2. The house finch has dark stripes on sides and belly. The purple finch doesn't have them.