Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Owl prowling

At last, a screech owl daytime roost was located, this one by photographer and blogger Bruce Yolton who took the picture above
on Friday at dusk, just as the owl was preparing to fly out.

I went to the owl tree tonight in hopes of seeing the fly-out. But either I got there a minute or two too late, or the owl has found another daytime roost.

Unfortunately [if the bird is still in the same place] it is in a very, very public spot. And I'm afraid the hundreds of people who pass by that place every day don't form the only danger this little bird faces. He [or she] is also very much in Pale Male and Lola's territory.

Let's hope the owl stays safely inside his tree hollow during daytime hours, and waits to emerge until the Fifth Ave pair have gone to bed. In fact, that seems to be exactly the way hawks ands owls keep out of each other's...well, feathers: hawks settle into their night roosts a little before dusk, while owls emerge from their day roosts just a little after dusk. Good arrangement.