Monday, October 29, 2007

The Baths of Warbler Ridge and a PS from Marie

Bob Levy writes:
Water was flying in all directions from rain filled indentations on Warbler Ridge as a flock of American Robins enthusiastically took advantage of several temporary birdbaths after the rain last Sunday.

Photo by Bob Levy -- click to enlarge and see water drops splashing

PS from Marie

Most of the robins will be heading south during the next few weeks. Then Central Park's bird population will once again be composed almost entirely of year-round residents and winter residents. Water-fowl will provide some excitement as ring-necked ducks, pintails, canvasbacks and other ducks, and an occasional loon, make occasional appearances.

And. best of all, approaching is the season of OWLS: long-eared owls often arrive for the winter in November ( although they didn't last year). Saw-whets will come too, we hope. As for the screech-owls -- re-introduced into Central Park in 1998--we thought they were all gone. BUT THEY'RE NOT!!

The Central Park screech owl story with all its amazing twists and turns is a big part of Central Park in the Dark . Now the publication date is officially June 5, 2008. [Yes that seems far in the future. Even though I've finally finished the writing part of the book, the rest of the publishing process takes a long time, as many of you know. They say that book production, from the day a manuscript is completed to publication day takes exactly as long as baby production -- nine months. A little speeded up this time... about seven months to go.]