Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unusual bird for Central Park

Marsh Wren - October 17, 2007
Photo by David Speiser

David writes:

Marie, Today's Marsh Wren in the Oven gave me spectacualr looks just before it flew off. All of a sudden it started to flit around and it perched in the reeds, then it was off. It didn't fly too far so it still might be around. I'm glad the Central Park birding community alerted me to this non-frequent visitor to the Park. David

PS from Marie: I was at the Ladies Pavilion yesterday morning at about 7:30 a.m with the Early Birders when I came upon an excited Natural History Museum group who had just seen this marsh wren.
Alas, though we hung around for quite a while, searching, we didn't get to see it, and did a considerable amount of regretting. When David's fabulous photo arrived I felt that I'd finally seen it after all.