Monday, December 17, 2007

Pale Male and Lola Update

Pale Male's ledge at 927 Fifth Avenue just after nest was removed on December 5, 2004
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A brief progress report about the Pale Male nest situation:

Things continue to move forward. The NYC Audubon has enlisted a number of excellent Red-tailed Hawk experts to offer specific advice on improving the chances of success at Pale Male and Lola's nest. Though I am a cautious if not suspicious type, I am confident that the right people have been consulted and that their advice will be followed. I'm not free to give details at this time but I would say that one important stumbling block seems to have been removed and that the situation is promising.

And for those of you who are afraid that time is running out, I believe that there is quite a bit of time to accomplish the modifications the experts are suggesting, the improvements that will significantly increase the hawk pair's chances of success. The deadline seems to be the end of February, before egg laying commences. I am hopeful that this deadline can be met.

If you are among those who wrote to the NYC Audubon, thanks! I know they appreciate the interest you have shown.

Of course there is no guarantee of success --- I'm sure you're aware of that. But I, for one, will have a more cheerful and merry holiday season knowing that progress has been made. I hope the same goes for you. And I promise to give more details as soon as I can.