Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An Urban Legend is born

Turkey Vulture

Project Safe Flight, under the auspices of the NYC Audubon, is concerned with birds that have collided into Manhattan's reflective skyscrapers. Its volunteers rescue birds that have been injured and get them to a rehabilitator, or they pick up dead birds and make them available for various scientific purposes. Patrick Harty, one of Project Safe Flight's long-time volunteers, sent the following e-mail
to many birders who were part of the network, and one of them forwarded it to me. Everyone believed it, myself included, even though the writer gave a big fat hint at the end.

Just as I was quitting for the morning I found what I thought was a dead Turkey Vulture at Javits. Wrapped it up as best I could and headed for the subway.
Would you believe that while on the subway the bird came back to life!! Panic soon spread thru the train car, while I tried to subdue the bird. At the next stop there was a police officer who was not very interested in project safe flight!!! While trying to explain myself the bird started to get loose and pandemonium broke out!!!! The bird's all right but I'm going to be facing a few charges. Fortunately for me it all happened on April 1st.