Sunday, June 29, 2008

New page on this website

In order to keep to the original mission of this page--providing a day-by-day look at nature unfolding in Central Park, I've added a new page to this website . Its URL is, and it can be accessed by clicking its link on the site's Home Page. Here you'll find various stuff connected to the new book, reviews, articles, publicity events etc. You can return to the Nature News by clicking on the words RETURN to HOME PAGE and then to Nature News.

And many thanks to Cal Vornberger, who helped attach the new blog to the website

***********Back to the Park***********

Meanwhile, the Central Park Mothers [rhymes with authors] have roused from their winter torpor. Soon there will be beautiful Underwings at the Moth Tree at 74th Street near the Boathouse. As for now, they are observing early arrivals at their black light set up in the Shakespeare Garden. For instance, above, Hypena [Plathypena] scabra. Hugh McGuinness, who identified it for me, calls it "the master of disguise".