Monday, July 28, 2008

The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

That's what photographer Murray Head calls the new ducklings in the southern quadrant of the park. He writes:

Hi Marie,

In recent weeks I had become concerned about the absence of Mallard chicks in the south end of The Park...two in the Turtle Pond... now alas only one, The Pond at 62nd St. had one and I hadn't seen it for a week and finally only one in The Gill in The Ramble. I recalled past summers when the the ponds were afloat with flotillas of fuzzens*.

In my view the duck makes the pond.

On Sunday, to my delight... The Pond at 62nd Street had a surprise for me. .. and my camera.


Proud Mama

One-seventh of the family

Up tails all

All photos by Murray Head

PS from Marie:
Murray doesn't mention the Mallard family at the Model-boat Pond. I'm not sure how many chicks there were to begin with there, seven or maybe nine. Now only two are left, almost as big as their Mom. They may be seen every night, along with another local resident, a Bullfrog.