Friday, August 15, 2008

Catch up

What's the scene in midsummer Central Park?

The insect enthusiasts gather at Turtle Pond every warm sunny day to see what lands on the Boneset, [Eupatorium perfoliatum]. A few days ago it was the Euodynerus Mason Wasp
Photo by Ellen Michaels

Note: Click on photos to enlarge

Cicadas are emerging from their nymphs all over the park -- this one near Cedar Hill
Photo by M. Winn

And the Cicada-killer Wasps are busy digging out their underground nests
photo by M. Winn [Be sure you click on this one]

Over at the 59th St Pool, Murray Head reports that the remaining ducklings are now "tweens".
photo by Murray Head

A Bullfrog continues its long visit to the Model-boat Pondphoto by M. Winn

And here's a link to an excellent article about the Riverside Park Hawks [and all the other local redtails including Pale Male et al]