Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great new warbler sighted and a PS

Photo by David Speiser--May, 2007

A Kentucky Warbler! Seen and reported early this morning by Jack Meyer. Every birder knows that this is a rare and wonderful sighting, and you can bet your bottom dollar the spot the bird was seen at -- the little meadow southeast of the Tupelo Tree -- will be full of yearning birders all day today.

The report was posted at 9:01 this morning [Wednesday 8/20/08] on Metrobirds, a rare bird listserv. For those of you that don't subscribe and wish to head for the park to try for the Kentucky warbler, here's the exact report:

Hi All,
Jack Meyer just found a Kentucky Warbler in Central Park. It is on the path behind the Tupelo Tree. This is in a field that is Southeast of the Castle. Good luck if you go,

PS Eve Levine posted a later report [on e-birds]:
At 12:41 the Kentucky Warbler (found earlier this morning by Jack M.) took a bath on the Gill side of the wooden bridge at Azalea Pond. (Earlier, around 9:30, it was pointed out to me by K. Wada just off of the path that runs from Azalea Pond to Laupot Bridge.)