Saturday, October 04, 2008

Last week Central Park's nature community lost a beloved member--Joe Fiore. Father of Tom [who was featured in Red-tails in Love], Joe and his wife Mary were daily visitors to the park during that part of the year they were not at their summer home in Jefferson, ME.

Joe was a great artist and a wonderful naturalist. Running into Joe and Mary [they were always together] on a walk in Central Park was always the high point of my day.

Without Joe the park will forever be diminished, for me and for all who ever knew him. Our loss is great and Mary's is almost unthinkable. Those of you who don't have her new address [the Fiores moved a year ago], it is 801 West End Avenue, NYC 10025

Joe Fiore - November 8, 2005
photo taken at the Evodia Field bird-feeding station by M. Winn

Below, a link to an obituary with details about Joe's life and accomplishments: