Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A daytime moth

Lloyd writes:

I took this photo in Shakespeare Garden 8/6/09. It was found by Nick Wagerik, who else? With the help of Steve Walter, Hugh McGuinness and indirectly Harry Zirlin (through Steve Walter) we've come to an ID of Synanthedon pyri or Apple Bark Borer Moth. Thought you'd like to know.
See you soon,
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PS from Marie
This moth is not included in Covell's "Moths of Eastern North America," the only field guide to moths available. Consequently, I would have identified it as a Peachtree Borer Moth, Synanthedon exsitiosa, a similar looking clearwing in the same family.

PPS To my happy surprise, Central Park in the Dark was featured in the column called "Paperback Row" in last Sunday's NY Times Book Review. [p.20 - next to the paperback bestseller list] I would have missed it if a reader hadn't e-mailed about it yesterday. And by the way, I write quite a lot about Covell's field guide, and the maddeningly frustrating way it's organized, in the book.