Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jumping Bush Cricket

Jumping Bush Cricket

Only six days to the Cricket Crawl -- check out the website at

I'm getting closer to finding out whether the katydids singing outside my window on Riverside Drive are actually Common True Katydids, the jackpot species for this citywide census, or whether they are some other katydid species. Tonight someone with recording equipment is coming over to record "my" katydids singing. Next week I'll take the recording to an expert at the American Museum of Natural History. And then I'll know, in time for my report on the evening of 9/11/09.

Though I've chosen Riverside Park for my Cricket Crawl observational location
next Friday, there will be a lot of Cricket Crawl activity in Central Park-- after all the American Museum of Natural History is one of the event's sponsors and it is right across the street from the park. But people will be listening for crickets and katydids in all boroughs of the city next Friday and sending in their reports.

Meanwhile, please meet the Jumping Bush Cricket [pictured above], one of the target species of the Cricket Crawl, and one that I know is part of the orthopteran [cricket and katydid] chorus I hear from my window.

The Jumping Bush cricket
[Orocharis saltator] is an ubiquitous insect that gives periodic SINGLE PEEP call and lives throughout the shrubbery surrounding suburban and city yards. It is singing all over the city these days, or rather, these nights, and is easy to identify by song. I hope the link below [to an audio recording of the Jumping Bush Cricket song] will work for you and help you identify this common cricket wherever you are at night. This might encourage you to participate in the Cricket Crawl.

PS: If you live outside of NYC and cannot participate in the actual census, go outside at any time between 7:45pm and midnight
on the evening of 9/11 and note down what orthopteran species you hear during the course of one minute. Send me the results and I'll post them on this site.

Below, a brief tutorial on the song of the Jumping Bush Cricket.
After you click on the first little-loudspeaker icon below and hear the very brief recording, use your back button to get back to the page. Then listen to the second recording.

14 s of calling song [1.22MB]; male from Lake Co., Tenn.; 25.0°C. (WTL686-26a)
6 s of calling song [261KB]; same as above but truncated and down-sampled.