Monday, January 25, 2010

Rare duck on Reservoir yesterday--maybe today

Common Goldeneye

The amazing duck above, a Common Goldeneye, is a rare visitor to Central Park. Lloyd Spitalnik remembers a visit by a Goldeneye in December, 2003,and that must have been the time I had my first and last sighting of that bird.

Yesterday a Common Goldeneye made a rare visit to the Reservoir. It was first sighted in the open water just behind the western pump house, very close to the edge. The sighting was reported on eBirds, but rather late in the afternoon. Nevertheless quite a few Central Park birders managed to see the bird, including Jack Meyer, who sent in a second report to eBirds.

It may still be there today! [The last time it was seen in the park, the Goldeneye stayed for several days.] No reports have come in today, but of course it was raining hard until a few hours ago.

I'm off to check it out!