Monday, February 08, 2010

The Coyote: Not much to report says Regina

Any news about the coyote? I asked the park's Woodlands Manager, Regina Alvarez, this morning via eMail. She answered:

Hi Marie -

I actually don't have much to report other than there is a coyote in the park, lots of people have seen it all over the park. Bruce Yolton got some nice photos of it when it was on the ice at the Pool last week on his website
Department of Health and the Rangers are aware of it and are working to capture it.
Otherwise it has been thankfully uneventful. Raccoons are the major issue at the moment.


PS from Marie According to a story today in the Huffington Post [a news blog --] -- three coyotes were seen and positively identified on the Columbia University campus yesterday morning [2/7/10] in front of Lewisohn Hall. When I eMailed Jack Meyer to see if he had any news about the Central Park coyote, he answered that bitter weather has been keeping him indoors in recent days, so he had no news.. But he sent me a clip about the Columbia coyote sighting and quipped::

" Maybe ours decided he needed an education to live in the big city, and went up to Columbia."