Thursday, March 25, 2010

The coyote, the egret, the Pine Warbler and 4 butterflies

Great Egret 3/24/10 at The Pond

Coyote trotting along a park path near the Pond a few weeks ago

Two photos by BRUCE YOLTON

Yesterday Tom Fiore wrote me and Bruce Yolton a note with an update on the coyote :

I thought you both might be interested to know that I saw, for the first time in the middle of the day, the Hallett Sanctuary Coyote, inside the sanctuary, bouncily walking along next to the Pond as seem from its east shore path, at about 1 p.m. today.

Needless to say I headed for the Pond a few hours later in hope of seeing our newest mammal resident come out of his daytime refuge. I had seen the coyote make an exit several times in the past but hadn't heard any news for a while. Now I knew he was still in the park. . I arrived a little before sunset, and found Bruce there too. We stood in the very place where we'd seen the handsome dog-like animal come bounding out of Hallett a few weeks earlier. Alas! He/she gave us the slip.

Instead we enjoyed seeing a Great Egret
at the southern side of the Pond He was standing as if frozen for quite a long time, neck outstretched, digesting a fish he had caught earlier.

Today another exciting e-mail arrived from Tom:

Hi Marie,

I should mention that Pine Warbler, as well as Great Egret, were among the arrivals on Wednesday - with also a very modest number of Hermit Thrush, Flickers & perhaps a few other additions. Nick Wagerik saw an Eastern Comma at the Shakespeare Garden, and helped to confirm one of 2 Red- shouldered Hawks that flew over. Nick has also seen Cabbage White - and the other day I saw an American Lady, which means 4 butterfly species, already this spring in Central Park...