Friday, July 16, 2010

Fall in mid-July

Louisiana Waterthrush--spring 2007
photo by DAVID SPEISER --

Tom Fiore, undaunted by New York's long heat-wave, reports on recent bird sightings in Central Park:

Hi Marie,

There have been a few Black Skimmer sightings at the western edges of Central Park, with a sighting of two flying together into the park, seen from the entrance at West 90th Street over a week ago and most recently a single skimmer seen by Mike Freeman & his family from West 100th Street, also going into or over the park. There may have been others - and you might be aware that in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, birders there have seen skimmers fairly regularly at dusk over the past week or more.

A few southward migrants are appearing in Central Park (about on schedule) - Louisiana Waterthrush was in the Loch on Wed,, a small flock of Bobolinks moved thru very early Thursday (over the Great Lawn - Turtle Pond).