Thursday, August 26, 2010

An inspiring progress report

Liliana, now 4 1/2 years old -- August. 2010
Photo by David Speiser

David Speiser, a noted nature photographer as well as one of Central Park's top-notch birders, has been providing us with reports of his daughter Liliana's birdwatching progress from babyhood on. The latest Liliana update arrived yesterday:


I thought you and some of your readers might be interested in a Liliana update as she has come a long way since you first posted a photo of Liliana when she was 6 weeks old. Liliana is turning into quite an all around naturalist.

We spent 2 ½ weeks in Maine in August and had a great time.
. .. we searched for beavers, frogs [saw 4 different species,] explored tidal pools (Liliana’s favorite was the piece of a jellyfish we found).

Of course we looked for birds and we spotted a Barred Owl, Bald Eagle and Liliana’s favorite, American Goldfinch. She now knows the flight call --- not a hard one to teach a nearly 4.5 yr old: potato chip. All her learning culminated in Liliana earning her Junior Ranger Badge . We had a great time as a family , learned a lot and Liliana can thank NYC and Central Park as the foundation for her ever expanding view of the world and more importantly her appreciation of the natural world.

Regards, and see you soon,


Below, a quick summary of some of the Liliana photos [taken by her Daddy, of course] that have appeared on this site.


Oct. 2007

March 2008

April, 2010