Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tom's report: 6 warbler species and more

Tennessee Warbler -- Central Park 9/24/07

On the first day of August, our faithful correspondent Tom Fiore reports on fall migrants in Central Park, both in the Ramble and the North Woods:

Hi Marie,

With July at it's end and a change - for the better - in weather, on northerly winds, a number of migrants are coming back. Among them are: Tennessee Warbler (Great Hill, Saturday 7/31), Blue-winged Warbler (Friday, 7/30) and Black-and-white Warblers (2 on Saturday in 2 locations), as well as a bit of an increase in Northern Waterthrushes, the two at the Lower Lobe aka Wagner Cove being an example & just half of their numbers seen by me on Saturday, & also the American Redstarts and Yellow Warblers are being seen in a few locations too. There were also a good number of Chimney Swifts moving over by Saturday - as many as forty in just one high extended flock. Spotted Sandpipers also have begun to reappear & there will likely be other new southbound migrants in the coming week.