Sunday, November 28, 2010

New bird for Central Park!!!

Varied thrush in Vancouver -- 2/15/09
photo by Charlie Moores

Hot off the presses: Birder Corey Finger reported this on eBirds less than half an hour ago:

Sunday, 12/28/10 -- posted at 2:14 pm
There is a Varied Thrush in Central Park's Maintenance Meadow (at the northeast corner of the ramble). When I arrived at 11:45 or so the bird had been seen three times in the last hour or so and it showed itself off and on for the half-hour I was there.

I'm sure others got better shots but I was lucky enough to have the bird fly past rather close to me and I got one decent flight shot which is at the link below my signature.

Good Birding,
Corey Finger

And here's Corey's Varied Thrush, photographed by him TODAY in Central Park:
PS from Marie:

As far as I know,, there has never been a Varied Thrush seen in Central Park until today! This is a bird normally seen in the Pacific northwest!!!! [Pardon the exclamation marks!!!!!]