Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rare bird still here and a PS

Varied Thrush in Central Park's Maintenance Meadow

A bulletin just received[ via Metro Birding Briefs] from Central Park birder Harry Maas:

Having survived yesterday's monsoon, the Varied Thrush continued this morning [Thursday, December 2] in the Maintenance Field in New York's Central Park, frequenting both the slope immediately east of the men's bathroom and along the western edge of the Field.

PS from Marie: In regard to whether the Varied Thrush has ever been sighted in Central Park before, Jerry Kamlet just sent a correction:

Dear Marie,
A word re: current CPK varied thrush; NOT the first CPK report.
On Nov 24, 2003 Brian McPhillips and I had 2 close and prolonged looks near the Loch, at a young male varied thrush (guidebook in hand) which we reported in the boathouse bird log.
Citing from my diary: "robin size, long sl curved beak, bright orange eyebrow and throat, black breast band, grey-br back, orange wing bars, scalloped rusty design (sic) on light tan belly, sl darker crown..."
No pics and not found by the "elite" the next day so skeptical reception; mentioned as "unconfirmed" on one blog.
Well, they laughed at Columbus.
Jerry Kamlet