Monday, March 14, 2011


Eastern Phoebe in Central Park 3/30/09

Yesterday [3/13] birder Sharon Berlan wrote to eBirds:

an Eastern Phoebe was seen in Central Park behind the Tupelo tree, this morning. Also a yellow rumped/Myrtle warbler (strawberry field area) - along w/the usual suspects.

Today Tom Fiore noted the Phoebe arrivals and added other signs of spring:

Hi Marie,

In case you have not seen or heard about them, Eastern Phoebes have arrived in Central Park. There were several in as of Sunday, including one or more in the Ramble. They also turned up near Sheep Meadow and in the north woods. Other signs of spring are about, and on Saturday all of the ponds and lakes in the park had sunning turtles - many, many turtles. Of rare and uncommon birds, the Varied Thrush was still there Sunday, and the Red-headed Woodpecker as well, each in the same areas where they had been much of the winter, the maintenance field area & the trees south of Sheep Meadow, respectively. A number of other signs of the season include many more birds singing, among these: small numbers of Fox Sparrows. The willows are gaining in color and the maples are showing their reds; blooms on some other trees are almost out and likely will be soon.