Sunday, April 24, 2011

EASTER Earlybirders

Allan and I were at Belvedere Castle for the sunrise this Easter morning. So was Jean Dane, who took this photo at about 6:15 am.

Meanwhile, a few other birdwatchers were in the park bright and early this morning.
At 5:15am, Tom Fiore wrote:

Hi Marie, Among the various migrants seen this week, a gorgeous Hooded Warbler appeared Thursday and was still around on Friday and Saturday in the woods north of the Loch and west of the Meer. It was ranging around rather widely, but with vegetation still rather sparse, a number of seekers were able to find it with good views for most. It looks like a "male", but might actually be a female in high plumage as with this species there are sometimes females that closely resemble males, with complete hoods, etc. - this bird would let us know if it is male by singing, yet I'm not sure anyone heard it sing. Also, there is still a Common Loon on the reservoir in breeding plumage. And it must be added that the long-lingering Red-headed Woodpecker below Sheep Meadow as well as the rarest bird of the park in the past year - the female Varied Thrush that is usually near the north side of the east 79 Street transverse - were both still around, at least to Saturday. Best, Tom

At 7:52 am Karen Fung confirmed that the Hooded Warbler was still in the park today, and still in the North Woods. She reported to eBirds:

Hooded Warbler, Eastern edge, just north of steps going down to the Meer. Also seen 20 minutes ago: singing blue-winged warbler.