Saturday, May 21, 2011

Excitement reaches Ohio

Redtail chicks, April 2002 --- Courtesy of

John Blakeman, our Ohio redtail expert, sent a brief message yesterday upon hearing of the probable hatch at Pale Male's nest:

I'm excited about the 927 hatch. The reason(s) for all the failures from the time the man-made nest structure went up will never be known. . Draftiness could have been a major problem at the start. But in retrospect, there should have been hatchings in the last year or two, when the nest was clearly large enough to keep the eggs warm enough.

It seems clear now that the problem was with Lola. For unknown reasons, all of her eggs in recent years may have been infertile. But the exact reasons will never be known.

But most clearly, The Man, Pale Male himself, is yet fertile. He's apparently sired another brood of eyasses at 927 Fifth Avenue.. The excitement begins once again, just as it has for the first time down at NYU with the eyass there.