Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Raccoon moving day at the Point

Ardith Bondi, one of Central Park's regular nature photographers, had a "moving" experience in the Ramble last week. It happened at that little promontory up the hill from the Boathouse known as The Point. Ardith gave me permission to share this remarkable event with my readers. Here's the story, told in 12 pictures and captions, all by Ardith:

1. First there was just fur showing through the opening. Then the raccoon began moving around.

2. Shortly, mom's head poked up through another opening about three feet above the slot in the trunk.

3. Just after mom's head, a much smaller raccoon face appeared from the upper tree entrance.

4. Then I realized that mom was bringing her pup out of the tree.

5.They began their descent from the tree. Mom carried the pup in her mouth.

6. Mom easing out the pup.

7. Down they came, the pup hanging from mom's mouth.

8. Further descent...

9. Once they reached the ground mom trotted off, carrying her pup.

10. Mom carrying her pup.

11.Mom moving right along with her pup still in her mouth.

12. Mom continuing with her pup. They finally disappeared into a hole under some rocks.

12 photos and captions by ARDITH BONDI
taken in Central Park on April 18, 2011

PS The NY Times, that knows a good thing when they see one, published Ardith's photos and captions on May 18 on their City Room blog. You can find it here:

for more of Ardith's photos: