Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of the Monarch story

To conclude the story so rudely interrupted by the storm: I received another e-mail with photos and captions from photographer Murray Head. It provides a perfect ending:

Hi Marie,

I returned to the Conservatory Garden this morning to see how far things had developed...

Oh No! He flew the Chrysalis! He's gone and I didn't have the chance to say goodbye.

Then I heard a voice chirp... "Look over there."

I did. He wasn't gone, he was... he was... Twins!...and they were soaking up sunshine & sipping nectar, preparing for their journey to Mexico.

In a little while, one rose up and said to the other..."Now it's time to go."

They took off and headed toward the French Garden where 2,000 Korean Chrysanthemums were blooming, as the girls danced around the fountain... on this perfect Fall morning.

Chirp... "Look up!"

I did... It was most certainly one of the twins... turning and heading south.

"Now look once more," the voice said to me.

I did, it was the other, and I said... "Goodbye."

The end of my story... just the beginning of theirs.


Photos and captions by MURRAY HEAD

Tomorrow: Rebekah's Cocoon story