Friday, October 28, 2011

Name that Duck

photo by Bill Schmoker

A few days ago the following query appeared on e-Birds:

Has anyone noticed this duck on Turtle Pond in Central Park: dark green to black head, puffy white "bib", and solid cinnamon-colored body (no remarkable features). Sorry I don't have a photo. Maybe a hybrid, but of what? It hangs out with the mallards there.
Gary Aspenberg
Ellen Michaels of
Ellen Michaels Wildlife & Nature Photos replied:
I believe the duck that he is speaking of is on the upper right of page 61 of the soft cover edition of The Sibley Field Guide To Birds. It is called a Domestic Mallard and has been in the park for a couple of months. Two months ago it was brown and white and now there is a greenish tinge on the head where it had been all brown.
Hope this helps,

PS from Marie-- You can find the Domestic Mallard on p. 89 of the big version of Sibley