Saturday, December 03, 2011

Milkweed and a HUMMINGBIRD

Caroline Greenleaf, who has Regina Alvarez's old job as Woodlands Manager of Central Park [now called Community Relations Manager] writes in to answer an old question I asked about milkweed and to make a bird report:

Marie: I am finally getting back to you about the milkweed in the Garden. It is indeed an annual, tropical milkweed: Aesclepias curassavica. I have not done extensive research, but have not found any connection between this species and late pupation.
Thought you would also like to know that I had a hummingbird in back of the 79th Street Yard on Wed. morning. Way too late! It was looking for nectar in the few blossoms that the overly-warm November temps had coaxed out. I just hope it took off for parts south before the cold wave hit.
Hope to see you soon,

Caroline Greenleaf
Community Relations Manager
Central Park Conservancy