Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Very sad news

    Starr Saphir, with Jeffrey Kimball, filmmaker [Birders: The Central Park Effect]

Yesterday, David Barrett posted the following report on eBirdsNYC:

Many of you know Starr Saphir from her birding walks, which she has given for over 30 years, or from her appearance in the documentary, "Birders: The Central Park Effect."

You may know that she has successfully battled cancer for over ten years. 

Earlier today I spoke with Starr's daughter, Seana, and received some very sad news, which I was asked to pass along to Starr's many friends in the birding world. Starr is gravely ill, and doctors have warned that she may have only weeks or days to live. She is being moved this evening from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital to Calvary Hospital in the Bronx, where she will receive palliative care.

As of now, Starr is not able to speak on the phone or see visitors. It is possible that at some point she will be able to have visitors at Calvary. 

I will post updates on her website as soon as I receive more information, including how you may contact her and how to schedule a visit. As of today, Starr's cell number (posted on her site) is being answered by Seana, and should be used only for the most urgent contact.

David Barrett