Friday, March 15, 2013


An exciting e-mail came from Tom Fiore a few minutes ago:

 Hi Marie, An Eastern Phoebe (my emphasis - mw) was by the Pool, near W. 100 St. this morning. Also evident were a big influx of American Robins, far more than have been lately. An (overwintering) E. Towhee was singing a bit on slopes of the Great Hill just above the Pool; more & more birds generally are singing each day now, despite the chilly starts to a lot of days, including this one!  It is not spring by either calendar or feel, yet a lot of harbingers are making their presence seen, heard and felt - sun feels warmer, too.


Eastern Phoebe - photo by LLOYD SPITALNIK - Central Park 9/21/2006

PS  Every year I get all worked up about the first Phoebe. I knew Tom would find it. He always does.