Thursday, August 29, 2013

Free in Central Park

Received yesterday, 8/28, from Murray Head  and a PS:
Hi Marie,

Recently one of Pale Male's three offspring was seriously injured. 

He had flown into a roof-top glass enclosed swimming pool on the upper East Side and suffered head trauma. Young hawks have not yet learned to recognize such obstacles.

Photo of Cathy St. Pierre of WINORR releasing the young red tail
photos by by MURRAY HEAD

He was driven by a dedicated animal rescue worker to WINORR* where he received the care and rehabilitation needed so he could be released back to the park. 

He was released today [8/28] at Cedar Hill in Central Park by WINORR's Bobby Horvath and Cathy St. Pierre

PS  some additional facts from WINORR [sent by Murray Head today]:

Reported from WINORR

"He was treated with medication and hand fed cut up food until he recovered and became a hawk again. Luckily he had no other injuries and was returned to his territory today and flew off nicely. A few hours later it was reported that his father showed up and sat next to him on a branch."


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