Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sad memories of Nick Wagerik

                                Photos of Nick and a few remembrances

                     Lee Stinchcomb, Davie Rolnick,  Nick Wagerik -- 2006
on a bench near the feeders at the Evodia field

Nick standing on a garbage can, inspecting a moth on the Moth Tree
April 15, 2010
[others in the photo, from left to right: me [pointing], Lee Stinchcomb, Davie Rolnick]

 Yesterday I received a note from Tom Fiore expressing his sadness about Nick:
...I know this tragic loss is felt by many hundreds who
knew Nick, many of whom cared greatly for and about him as well as having learned so much from him, as he was invariably a fantastic teacher, and for some, a real mentor in the fields of nature study. What I always saw in Nick was someone who really pushed the limits of what can be learned, understood, thought about, studied & also enjoyed in following and focusing on that which one has an interest in. He was occasionally a little difficult but much more often so willing to share in his knowledge, and truly infectious in the simple joy of
learning and being involved in pursuit of knowledge. It was a privilege to have known him and to learn at least a little from him. I am still not fully able to believe that his life ended in a tragic way. I had seen him, just briefly, in the Shakespeare Garden, a place he dearly loved and where he spent innumerable free hours, not much more than a week prior to this sad news. I feel for all of his many friends and of course for his family. We have lost a very great soul from this Earth, as well as a superb naturalist and much-loved teacher. I am sure there will be more tributes and remembrances.


and Mary Birchard writes:

What terribly sad news. I had not seen Nick in a long time but fondly remember long summer afternoons at Turtle Pond learning about dragonflies from Nick, a superb teacher.