Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Great Duck Story from MURRAY HEAD

Hi Marie,

A Spring Awakening at The Reservoir.

I started off at the 59th Street Pond, where this Coot seemed to be saying to the Woody... "Who does your feathers?!"

Along the way were the regulars:

Then The Reservoir.
What a variety... and plenty of action too.
They were grooming and bathing, courting, quacking, floating, soaring, dabbling and diving.

Aside from so many really beautiful birds... 
(including what appeared to be a penguin)
What really impressed me was how well they all got along.
Echos from Paul McCartney lyrics... came to mind:
"Live Together in Perfect Harmony"
"Oh Lord, Why Don't We?"

[Murray: Could that be your penguin???  Marie]

Yes our special visitor was there too… but too far out to get a good close-up
[See post of March 09]]

Murray Head