Monday, March 27, 2006

Wild Turkey in the park

Wild Turkey in Central Park - 3/26/06
Photos by Cal Vornberger

Bob Levy writes [via e-birds]

Date: March 26, 2006
Location: Central Park, Tanner's Spring'
Subject: Wild Turkey
Reporter: Bob Levy

This news is not as exciting as the Central Park
Coyote drama of last week but it was almost as
surprising. There was a wild Turkey, a female I think,
at Tanner’s Spring in Central Park today. Bruce
Yolton, Cal Vornberger and I watched it for a half
hour or more while it foraged and drank from the
stream. At sunset it launched into the air and,
brushing into several small branches, awkwardly made
its way to a perch about thirty-five feet up. It
settled down and remained there well after dark. I
presume that is where it spent the night.