Saturday, May 24, 2014

News Flash!

Veronica Goodrich [who played an important role in my book Central Park in the Dark],  sent a concerned e-mail yesterday:

There is an established [Red-tailed Hawk] nest in Sheeps Meadow that has two happy healthy chicks and parents settled in a very low crotch of a there something that can be done to give this established nest a fair chance from the crowds this weekend?

Answer: Birdwatchers and Hawkwatchers: Keep an eye out this weekend. Report any problems to Richard Feinman at the Urban PArk Rangers - 212-360-1408

Red-tailed Hawk nest in Sheep Meadow - photo by Stella Hamilton
[nest is well disguised in the crotch of the tree]

PS How to find the nest: Stella gives some useful directions:

It is near the volley ball court.  Actually there are two volley ball courts at  
Sheep Meadow: a concrete court and a sand volley ball court.  The nest is near the concrete court which is painted green and has no net across it so some don't even realize it is a volley ball court-- which adds to the general confusion.  If there are no obvious hawkwatchers gawking up a tree,  Stella advises sitting in one of the benches at this court, then scanning  the trees,  and you will spot the nest.

Thanks to Donegal Brown of for passing along this info.