Wednesday, June 04, 2014

30 Year old Redtail!

The Raptor Trust - Millington, NJ
Received the following e-Mail from a correspondent in Camarillo CA I haven't heard from for a long time:
Hi Marie, a month or so agao I opened one of my bird books and out fell the newspaper clipping about the 27 year old hawk found on a road in rural NY.  She was picked up but escaped when being transferred.  A few days later she was picked up again on the same road and was transfered to Len Soucy.  I e-mailed them and asked about her and I thought you would LOVE the answer.  She's 30!
Betty Jo
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Subject:27 year old female redtail
Date:Tue, 03 Jun 2014 16:20:51 -0400
Hello Betty Jo,

 Thanks for asking about the 27 year old female redtail.  She is now  
30 (!) and doing well.  She was not releasable after rehab.
 She just didn't have the stamina for life in the wild.  So she  
stayed with us and is just fine .  She even has a purpose in life.   She
 fosters and "big sisters" the orphaned red tails that we get each  
summer, teaching them red tail language and how to catch
 mice.  They seem to adore her, sitting near to her all the time,  
when they're not practicing flying in the large flight chamber.

  I agree that the fact that Pale Male is still alive is a miracle.   
I cross my fingers every time I think of him.

  Best regards,

  Diane Soucy
   The Raptor Trust