Thursday, April 21, 2005

What is the Oreo Building?

big>A website correspondent writes:
Dear Marie:
What and/or where is the Oreo Antenna??
Shelly Lane

I asked Donna Browne to illuminate,
since it comes from her report.
She writes:

The Oreo building, short for Oreo Cookie, is called so
because it is a chocolate brown building with a couple
of perpendicular cream colored stripes. It is the
building farthest north that can be seen while sitting
on the bench. I'm told it's at Fifth and 79th. On top
of the Oreo is a rectangular structure that hides the
building's water tower. On the top left of this
structure, as viewed from the Bench, is an antenna.
The Antenna,looking very much like something for TV
reception, is Pale Male's favorite perch of late.

Also on top of the water tower disguise, to the right
of The Antenna, is a raised grate from which we think
warm air escapes. This was one of Lola's favorite
spots during the chilly copulation and early
sitting-the-nest season.