Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Baby News from Donna

Field Notes 7-5-05

Trump Parc Nest

Just to clarify, as the directions given at the Bench
to Eddie and Dolley were a touch confused. Here is
the scoop on the Trump Parc Nest and viewing area.
The nest itself is on the west wall of the Trump Parc
on 59th/Central Park South, the building with the big
gold crown on top, in the second row of corbels, the
second corbel from the right. Little Hill, where we
usually set up the scope is inside the Central Park
wall on a little hill just across from the Essex.
It's between the Sixth and Seventh Avenue entrances.
There is an easy grass path, Eddie had no problem,
that takes one around and up the hill so no scrambling
up the rocks is necessary. For the sprightly
scramblers= go for it, but I recommend not scrambling
down the rock face in the rain, it's very slick. Not
following my own advice this evening and attempting to
keep a bead on Jr. while taking the short cut down the
wet rock face, I ended up having my feet whoosh right
out from under me, landing me, smack, on my tailbone.
All seems in one piece, but standing has become much
more attractive.

Charlotte and Pale Male Jr.
Sunset 8:30 (WT),
Temp. Hi 83,
Humidity 89%,
Wind S 5 to 10MPH
Clouds and rain,
Prey Tally-pigeon, squirrel.

Irene has been checking her roof as some weeks ago it
was discovered that the hawks were eating, perhaps
stashing, and possibly despositing the "garbage" on
her roof. On finding the depository, and one of the
hawks having dinner, there were five carcasses found.
Then though Irene was diligently checking daily no
others appeared until today, a young pigeon. Hawks
have a tendency to cycle their "spots" and apparently
they are now back to Irene's roof.

Stella reports through Veronica that yesterday, Pale
Male cleaned out a Blue Jay's nest.

All times PM unless otherwise noted.
6:20 No hawks visible on nest.
6:47 Eyass wing flips in and out of view. She stands,
other eyass stands and flaps vigorously.
6:49 Both eyasses hop and flap. (No, not near the
6:55 Heavy rain begins, Charlotte arrives, one eyass
not bothered by the rain as usual and as usual the
other burrows under Charlotte. Though the eyass is
getting so big, it's mostly just her head that is
under her mother.

The eyasses have TAILS, rather stubby and fluffy but
they are there. A few days ago the shafts were
apparent with a small fan shape, rather like a contour
brush, coming out the top. Now the feathers have
emerged enough to be mini tails.
6:58 Charlotte preens the top of the head she can
7:00 Charlotte leans over and preens the other eyasses
7:09 The rain loving eyass walks to the edge and looks
over, turns around, and slices over the edge.
7:13 Charlotte preens eyass under her.
7:34 Rain eyass beaks Charlotte's wing, she preens the
eyass's head.
7:35 Rain stops for the most part. Eyasses begin
picking at ? and eating.
7:40 Charlotte stands, looks at eyasses, leans into
8:05 Charlotte preens tail.
8:10 Charlotte on S side of nest, eyasses out of
sight, tucked in for the night.
8:28 Jr. stops by the nest and then off.
8:34 Junior seen to E over Park, does fly-over of the
Little Hill and then towards Columbus Circle where he
is often seen at this time.
8:43 Exit.
Today's Hawkwatchers-Eddie, Dolley, Veronica, Emma,
Molly, Peter, Charmain, Kelly, Irene, Donna.
Submitted-Donna Browne.