Thursday, July 14, 2005

Donna's Field Notes for Sunday


photo by Lincoln Karim
July 9, 2005

Field Notes 7-10-05
Trump Parc Nest

Sunset 8:30PM (WT)
Temp. 91F,
High humidity,
Wind calm,
UV- very high.
Prey Tally-pigeon, rodent.

All times PM unless otherwise noted.
Earlier-Irene reports a good deal of flapping and
hopping by the eyasses at 11:30 AM today. Charmain
reports the garbage (pigeon remains) was removed from
the nest in the afternoon.
6:09 Charlotte perched east chimney, Hampshire House.
No eyasses in sight.
6:13 Eyass head appears near point of corbel, panting
6:15 Eyass stands center.
6:25 Airplane flies over nest, eyass looks straight up
and cocks head.
6:29 Moves to left side by wall, pants.
6:31 A few flaps.
6:36 Both up.
6:37 Eyass goes to wall. Junior to E over Essex sign.
6:39 One eyass down.
6:41 Other eyass stares at Little Hill.
6:46 Eyass pounces on something in nest, head up with
pigeon leg legbone, foot sticks out of beak.
6:47 Charlotte to E after Junior.
6:48 Eyasses have a tug of war with old pigeon
Sam's notes-
6:49 One adult hawk to W, other still E.
6:51 One chick completely visible, one completely
hidden. (She's panting heavily.)
6:52 Chick looks up as plane passes.
7:01 Junior flies to 58th St.
7:02 Charlotte to nest. Food?
7:05 Eyass looks over edge of nest.
7:06 Eyass snaps at buzzing fly.
7:07 Flapping.
7:10 Stretching and flapping.
7:17 One eyass hangs head over edge.
End of Sam's notes.
Observer at Columbus circle sees Jr. hunting pigeons
which had been attracted by street feeder to bread in
58th st.
7:26 Eyass triangulates to sky.
7:31 Charlotte on E eave Hampshire House.
7:34 No hawks visible on nest.
7:39 Eyass stands watches Little Hill pigeons and
sparrows, preens chest, holds wings slightly away from
7:41 Turns, slices off edge.
7:42 Eyass down.
8:00 Head up.
8:03 Both heads up.
8:07 Eyass stands N edge of nest.
8:10 Preens.
8:36 Charlotte to nest from East behind Trump Parc,
lands N end of nest, eyasses close SW. Eyass creeps
toward Charlotte...small rodent tail visible, Eyasses
look down at rodent (?), then at Charlotte, Charlotte
stares at eyasses, preens head of eyass that has crept
up. 8:39 Eyasses slightly in front and on each side of
Charlotte, stare down at nest, heads track something
(rodent?) moving in nest.
8:45 Charlotte off nest to 58th. One eyass right, out
of sight, left eyass "tracks" ?, nictitating membrane
slightly visible.
8:49 Trump Parc crown lights are on, left eyass
stands, right eyass sits. Getting very dark.
8:50 Charlotte returns, lands on nest, goes center,
prepares prey?, Eyass left stands, Eyass right, center
with head down, back turned.
Today's Hawkwatchers:Sam, Veronica, Peter, Emma,
Molly, Kelly, Stella, Portia, Elizabeth, John, two
college students, Jackie, Irene, 67 Rock Doves, 22
regular House Sparrows, including Greyline, and 1
partially albinistic male.
Submitted-Donna Browne