Friday, July 29, 2005

Junior and Charlotte: quintessential urban hawks

Regular Trump Parc hawkwatcher Bruce Yolton observes:

These birds are so much more urban than Pale Male and Lola. These last few weeks have certainly gotten the "amateur behaviorist" part of my brain excited.

The CPS pair roost in 60 story buildings, made their nest from materials on
balconies - not from down in the park, control the "canyon" that exists as a
half pipe down 58th Street and exits at Columbus Circle where the birds find great updrafts, built a nest 35 floors high and seem to control more urban area than park area. After being up on a few roofs, I realized that the
high territory has far fewer humans than the low park area, and must be much safer.

In regard to the debate between John Blakeman and this website about whether red-tailed hawks are early risers, Catherine Doyle, a regular website correspondent, writes:

The NYC hawks are just taking on the character of NYC. You snooze you lose. Early bird gets the rat.

Unlike places out of NYC, where slow and steady wins the race.

I love the comparisons between NYC red tails and non-NYC red tails. Amazing how living creatures adapt to survive and thrive.