Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fledgling report and photo

It's been a while since the last fledgling report. A few words of advice to chronic worriers: please remember that in hawkwatching, no news is always good news. Everybody's fine, almost ready for graduate level courses in hunting. But still begging. That's the way baby hawks operate.

Why aren't the two fledglings hanging out together more? some of you have wondered. One correspondent noted that they were "so close and friendly in the nest," forgetting, perhaps, that they had no choice in that small space. The answer, again: That's the way hawks operate. Bruce Yolton's picture [left] and brief report, may bring some consolation.

Photo by Bruce Yolton

Bruce writes:
A little after 6:00pm on Saturday, the Fledglings decided to cooperate and let the assembled photographers take a picture of them both together. This picture was taken from the bridge on the West Southbound Drive, looking at the cast iron bridge in the fenced in construction area.