Monday, September 12, 2005

Mothers and a dreaded moth

Thought you'd like a look at the Mother scene. Many people on their way to or from dinner at the fancy Boathouse restaurant nearby stop to ask what we're doing. Some climb over the low fence in their high heels to get a closer look. Often they are are astonished by the beauty of the Underwing moths. [Most people think all moths are small brown insects that eat sweaters!]

The third picture was a rare find -- a female gypsy moth caught in the process of laying eggs. [We alerted the horticulture people -- having these eggs hatch in Cewntral Park would not be a good idea.]

Nick standing on a "borrowed" trash basket
in pursuit of an Oldwife Underwing

The Mothers peering at a moth
[The high-voltage smiler is Davie Rolnick.]

Gypsy Moth, female, laying eggs.
[The eggs are the brown mass below the pure white moth.
By the way, the female Gypsy Moth is one of the few flightless moths.]

photos by Julia Rolnick